Good news! We now have a “Teeny Tiny” treat size for the Muddy Paws, Puppy Paws, and Dusty Paws treats!


I’ve been having the hardest time finding a very small paw print cookie cutter, but I did find this adorable teeny tiny heart. And since we all heart our puppies, what could be more fitting?

The Muddy Paws version is shown in the picture, but I’ll have pictures of the others up in a bit.


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Yes!  Finally!  There’s a new treat coming. Uh…sometime.  I’m still trying to keep it from burning and trying to tweek a few things.  So keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks or so.

These are an oatmeal and cornmeal based treat unlike any other that I make so far (hence the small amount of trouble I’m having keeping them unblackened!).  They’re crunchy for those dogs out there that love their crunchy treats but wish they had…you know…like, flavor!

They don’t have a name just yet, and if I can’t think of one, we’ll have our very first treat naming contest to see who can come up with the best name and win a batch of said newly named treats!

Once I decide on a shape for these treats (or at least a temporary one) I’ll take some pictures and post them here so everyone can put their “thinking caps” on!  If the new fantastically named treat (I have much faith in you guys) would benefit from having a different shape, I’ll definitely do my best!  Just keep in mind that these don’t do well with any sharp edges (think more round shapes…just a little heads up).

So!  I guess I’d better get baking!

You and your pooches have a wonderful weekend!

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*wagging finger at some treat makers*

Let’s face it, as yummy as chocolate is to us and our dogs, they should not have it. There are many other things that are yummy to us (and some are even HEALTHY) that are bad and sometimes even deadly for dogs.

During my research and development phase (which is never-ending) I have found many things that are bad for dogs and started keeping a list, just to make sure nothing even remotely harmful to our precious pooches got anywhere near my treats.

I figured this would be a helpful tool for those “label readers” among us and also for anyone out there that might be interested in making their own dog treats (but really, why bother with all that hard work when I’ll just do it for you?!).

This is a working list, so I’ll keep adding things as I find them.

Bad For Doggies

  • raisins (it’s amazing how many treats have raisins in them!)
  • grapes (because, duh, raisins!)
  • onions
  • macadamia nuts
  • mushrooms
  • garlic (in very small amounts, it’s okay)
  • chocolate (the darker it is, the worse it is for the dog)
  • caffeine (or anything containing caffeine)
  • coffee
  • tea
  • citrus oil extracts (such as lemon or orange)
  • hops (so no beer for the puppy)
  • potato peelings (skins)
  • rhubarb leaves
  • tomato leaves and stems
  • raw eggs
  • broccoli (so no getting rid of your broccoli under the table!)
  • avocados
  • alcohol (common sense, no?)
  • green potatoes
  • salt (at least in large quantities)
  • artificial sweeteners
  • tobacco (again, common sense? I think so.)
  • apple seeds

As I come across more, I will continue adding to the list. If you know of anything I’ve left out, please email me and I’ll add it as soon as I can.

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So! The previous listings make up my original dog treat list. Now that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be the only treats on the list! I’m always trying to think of new treats to make and ways to make the existing ones better.

This is where you come in!

Have an idea but no time to develop it into a treat? Or maybe just an interesting ingredient that you dog loves? Share it with the class!

I’ll do my very best to keep the new and interesting (and healthy) treats comin’!

Also, occasionally, I’ll come up with a treat that I have a hard time naming. In those rare occasional pretty frequent occasions, I’ll have a “Naming Contest” (maybe I should have a naming contest for the “naming contest”) where anyone can submit as many names as they want and the winner gets a free batch of the newly named treats! (In the odd case that the winner doesn’t have a dog -or three- they can either choose a friend or family member that does have a dog or they can just suck it up and get a dog because c’mon….everyone needs a dog!)

From time to time, I’ll also be asking y’all a few questions such as “what do you think about ___ in a treat” or “are different sizes a good idea”. Feel free to give honest answers as I value other dog owner’s opinions!

I’m also working on a mailing list that you can sign up for letting you know when new treats are available and when the contests are being held.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoy the site (and treats) and keep checking back! There will be new treats soon, and who knows, you might win a free batch!

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For that dog who just has to have the very best, Bone-naner Biscotti is just for you! This is a doggy biscotti (although people can eat it too, it probably will not taste like what you buy at your local coffee shop!) made with bananas! These are very crunchy like “people biscotti”, as they are ‘twice baked’. They come “plain” and also “half-dipped” in carob, depending on what you prefer. At this point, they only come in the one size, which is great for medium-large dogs, but I’m working on a smaller size for the smaller pooches among us (who, let’s face it, are normally the most pampered among us!). When I finally get these worked out, you’ll see them listed as “Micro-Naners” because that is just so gosh-darn cute and funny to me! I can not for the life of me remember how many are in a batch because in my infinite wisdom, I didn’t write it down. Honestly, I can’t even remember if I counted in the first place. I do remember that there are quite a few though. You’ll just have to wait on the actual number. These all generally look the same, but they are handmade, so some are a little different in size and shape depending on how close they are to the ends.

There are um…some… “Bone-naners” in a batch. (I don’t know I’ll have to make another batch to find out) If I had to guess I’d say around 15 thick “cookies”.

You can order these plain, half-dipped, or drizzled with carob.

Micro-Naners coming soon!

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Say hello to Kitty! Kitty says hi back.

These smilin’ little kitties are made out of my applesauce, peanut butter, and oatmeal recipe. These are harder than the other treats, but can still be broken up with not much of a problem. Y’all, I swear I’m getting better with the painting on of melted carob. The picture that I took was of my first attempts and I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of a quick learner.

Please keep in mind that these treats may vary slightly in appearance (but never cuteness!) due to their handmade nature and the lack of my whisker painting skills, but they never vary in yummy taste!

Each batch makes about 30 Kitty Krackers

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woofles1 062806_21192

Woofles are like waffles, only cuter! And good for puppy! These are made from my cornmeal and whole wheat flour recipe and are ultimately drizzled with melted carob. These treats have a waffle pattern on the top AND the bottom, because I just care that much. These also come in Teeny Tiny, Regular and Dogzilla sizes and are “semi hard”. I say “semi” because they are softer than say, store bought bones, but are harder than the Puppy Paws or Honey Bunnies. Please keep in mind that due to their handmade nature, the Woofles may vary a bit in size and shape (who are we kidding? These are like snowflakes! No two alike.). The drizzled carob also kind of has a mind of it’s own.

Teeny Tiny size = about 42 Woofles per batch
Regular size = about 28 Woofles per batch
Dogzilla size = about 14 Woofles per batch

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in the size of the treats. Weight is the same.

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